Valmont Body Care

Body Care Sommet de la Minceur

Remodeling treatment of the silhouette. Results felt from the first session.

  • 60 MIN. CHF 220.-

LPG Body Lipomassage

Body session

The LPG is a device based on the mechanical palpate-rolling technique that helps reshape the silhouette, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.

  • 30 MIN. CHF 60.-

Body session Fermeté by Valmont

LPG slimming program (45'). Application of the Valmont slimming serum and cream.

  • 60 MIN. CHF 160.-

Martine de Richeville Body

Body session

It is a treatment that helps to reshape the figure, but also to release toxins. The manual gesture practiced by the practitioners allows to dynamize the circulation and to oxygenate the skin.

  • 50 MIN. CHF 190.-